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Likunda Primary School (LPS) is the second school of Mekaela Academies. Its construction started in 2001, but because the main sponsor suspended its donations after the 9/11 attacks, it took us until 2003 to open the school.
LPS is a boarding school with classes from Std 1 to Std 8 in the primary section and a separate kindergarten which is located within its own perimeter and is part of the over 5 acre plot. The school has two streams in the upper primary section and thus has a capacity of 550 students, half of which can be accommodated in the boarding section. About 20 employees work in the boarding section: cooks, cleaning and supervisory staff, ladies and security personnel. More than 20 teachers are responsible for the education of the children.
The canteen provides meals for boarding and day-time students. Some of the basic foods, such as maize and vegetables, fruit, milk and more recently, chickens are produced by the school’s own farms which are located in the nearby Shimba Hills. The dining room has been designed large enough to be used for assemblies and performances.
As one of the very few schools in Kenya, LPS has its own solar power plant. In 2011, it was donated and administered by the now defunct Phoenix Solar AG and was delivering power duty until 2017. In a matter of speaking its demise coincided with the perishing of the donor company, but thanks to the assistance and funding of (the name of the new donor will appear here), it could be put into operation again in 2018.
In February 2013, LPS was almost completely destroyed by a fire. Strong winds had blown sparks onto the easily inflammable makuti roofs (makuti are palm fronds) and set them on fire. The fire spread rapidly and destroyed all buildings that had no metal sheet roofs. Luckily, the dormitories of the boarding section – having metal roofs for security reasons – were not affected. Luckily no one was injured, but the damage was considerable, and we did not know for a long time whether we would be able to resume school operations.
The insurance only replaced about a third of the damage, but thanks to our friends, sponsors and supporters and first of all HelpAlliance of Condor and Lufthansa, we were able to rebuild the school by the end of the year. During the reconstruction, we decided to refrain from using any makuti and chose formed metal sheeting, which looks quite attractive even from close distance. LPS, which is our largest school by the number of pupils, looks almost like new today.

Last update: 08.2018