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We will  never get tired to mention it, and we are quite proud of it, too: All donations to Watoto e.V. will reach the children and the schools in Kenya directly and without deductions, because all expenses such as for material, administration, travel, petty expenses, postage and telephone etc. are all paid for privately by the members of Watoto.

If you wish to donate funds for a specific purpose. If you know which purpose you want your donation to be used for, please submit that purpose with your transfer (e.g. “donation Kindergarten MAS), or send an email with precise instructions how you wish the money to be spent.

Generally, all donations without specific purposes will be allocated to our Emergency Fund. From this fund we cover expenses for sudden emergency cases, e.g. children who suddenly become orphans, and would only find a sponsor after several months, or similar cases in which children of Mekaela Academies would have to leave school without appropriate support.

Watoto e.V. is registered as a charity organisation which is tax exempt in Germany. You may receive a receipt for tax deduction purposes which we issue to all donors at the end of each year to reduce our administrative expenses. Should you require such a receipt earlier please let us know by email or through a comment with your donation, we shall then issue the receipt immediately after you have made your donation.

We have implemented a very convenient and secure way to submit your donation online:

To Donate Please Click Here