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  • We will assume that Mekaela Academies staff is honest and trustworthy, and that they put the interests of our children above their own.
  • We treat Mekaela Academies staff as equals and with respect.
  • Our gauge of success is the happiness of our children and their families and the employees of Mekaela Academies.
  • If possible we prefer to utilise local  resources. Unless imported goods are compulsory we shall use locally manufactured goods. Unless the use of machinery is inevitable we shall try to employ manual labour.
  • We do not decide about operational or academic issues of Mekaela Academies.
  • We do not decide which children are eligible to be put on the waiting list for a sponsorship; this decision will be made only by the schools’ heads and directors.
  • The use of donation funds for Mekaela Academies has to be discussed and coordinated with the schools’ management. No funds shall be used against the will of the management of Mekaela Academies.