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The population of Kenya has been extremely hit hard by the measures taken against the pandemic, and by this we do not only mean restrictions, but a lack of basic things like food, medication and a roof over their head.

Parents are no longer able to pay school fees. However, we cannot and do not want to send their children home at this stage.

We expect the situation to return to normal by the beginning of 2021, but until then we have to keep the school running as best we can. We have cut staff salaries by between 25% and 50%, but we still have a fairly large funding gap until the end of the year.

We know that in Europe, too, many people are very worried about their jobs and the economic prospects and we understand that for many it is simply impossible to support Africans at this moment. But for those of you who would be very happy to do so, if you could support with a sponsorship for a child (for the above mentioned parents) until the end of this year, we would be very grateful.

If you click on the “DONATE” button, you can easily and “just for once” donate 100 Euro for a sponsorship until the end of the year. Smaller amounts are also very welcome and a larger even more.

Many thanks to all who can and will support us in this situation.