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The list of children who are waiting for a sponsorship is long. Generally, the children are already schooling with one of our schools, so their talent and worthiness for a sponsorship had already been verified. The economic situation of a sponsored family is regularly monitored to make sure sponsoring is still rectified.

The co-ordination of sponsorships is handled by the charitable society Watoto e.V. in Baunatal, Germany (“watoto” is the Kiswahili word for children). The society transfers sponsor funds to the school at the beginning of each term and establishes regular communication between the children and their sponsors. A sponsorship does not create a membership in the society.

Watoto members work without cost or expenditure refund. Expenses such as for material, administration, travel, petty expenses, postage and telephone etc. are all paid for privately by the members. Watoto e.V. has been registered under the number 2968 in the German society registry and is eligible for tax exempt as a charity organisation by German tax authorities. Watoto was awarded with the reputed DZI Donation Seal.


Mohammed is a twin. His mother is single, raising her children alone. Currently, she is without employment and struggles to support herself and her family with petty trades as a saleswoman. Ideally, a sponsorship for Mohammed should include school fees, transport and lunch (600 Euros per year), to relieve the family from a great burden.

    Mohammed is only one of the many children on our waiting list desperately hoping for support.  If you should consider sponsoring this or an other child on the waiting list please do not hesitate to call us on +49 (0) 5601-89337 or send an email.

    Some of our Sponsored Children