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The results of the 2017 KCSE exams (secondary schools) were published, and they were caused a shock at first. None of the 64 graduates of Lulu Boys High and Lulu Girls High managed to score an A, and only a few a B.

But then the Ministry of Education dropped the bomb:

Only 11.5% of all Kenyan graduates had reached grade C + or better, thus qualifying for university. Nearly 90% of all candidates had failed the cut.

This means, firstly, that our quota of 19% students with a grade of C + or better is not so bad, because it is almost twice as high as the national average.

And secondly, the Government will not be able to do anything other than to lower the bar, unless it wants to have empty universities from 2018. We estimate that the grade will be lowered to C. And that would mean that 44 of our 64 candidates (more than two-thirds) would be entitled to study.

That is still not too satisfying, but it makes it bearable.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!